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Webenovations | Web Development - Ecommerce Solutions | Monthly One website Development Plan

Website development service includes:

  • Website plugins and theme updates every month

WordPress plugins are updated every week to keep its code safe from vulnerabilities and hacking , old plugins and being not updated makes your website easy to hack and slow to users , we will keep it updated every week and test website usability after updates

  • Website Malware testing and hacking signs prevention:

every website is being attacked everyday with hackers, we will make sure your website is weekly tested and daily blocking for hackers

  • Search Engine testing and fix any issue prevents website from google index

Search engine updates its rules a lot , don’t worry we will keep that updated in your website too and keep tracking of google indexed status

  • Any content addition needed and bug fixes for current design

never worry about adding new content or new sections to your website , we will be available 24/7 for that

  • Backups scheduling

we will keep your website backed up every week and every update – and on remote servers – so your website will be Safe.

  • Usability and performance testing and error or bug inspection/Fix whenever it comes to browser

using chrome inspection tools and performance testing tools we will test your website speed and make sure it is in the accepted performance range to users – so you wont lose your conversion rates

  • Making sure website cache is updated for users every week – so user not seeing old version of website or bugged version

website is cached in browsers with old versions every visit , we will make sure this is updated to latest content

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Step 2 : Please subscribe with this PayPal button :

Subscription price is $100 / Month for Single website Development , using this PayPal button you will be directed to PayPal to subscribe from Today’s Date (can be cancelled anytime from your PayPal – please inform us before)